About Me
Beth Mwano
Dancer. Filmmaker. Health Coach. Brand Strategist w/ VM. Creative Healer. Teacher. Performer. Artist. Choreographer
After getting my degree in Holistic Health and Creative Arts Therapy from Lesley University, I chose to increase these skills and learn, in a formal training program, how to live a more abundant life through eating well and taking care of myself. My desire is to bring encouragement, support, and creative ideas to others who also desire whole health. Pursuing health and arts together has given me the ability to make knowledge choices for my body and lifestyle, a skill I am passing onto others. (More specifics on what I do as a health coach can be found here) I love creating and receiving from people from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is why I got my International Health Coach Certificate, to both receive and give more.

I've always been in wonder. Wonder at nature, bodies, the mind, resilience, raindrops, creation......forever in wonder.
I try to keep an attitude of grateful wonder in whatever experience I am having, whether it be with other people, or solo. The work that I do comes from a place of deep love that has been poured into me and I desire to pour out. The language of love is vast and complex. Sometimes it manifests as helping a company's brand serve its customers better. Sometimes my language of love means working with people gain healing from past traumas.

I believe the importance of "food justice" needs to be addressed more in our world. Access to healthy, local food, as well as life-saving nutrition knowledge, is something everyone should have. Working with organizations and communities to make this happen is a goal of mine as I dialogue, share my skills, and volunteer.

Because I am also an artist, healing through the arts comes into many things I do on the day to day. I love making concept videos, dance films, choreographies and collaborations between the arts! In all of this my hope and aim is to bring a compassionate, hopeful perspective to people through arts and healing wisdom. Who says health and artistry can't be combined? I am committed to empowering people to experience joy in their whole beings. Everyone has value and deserves to live an abundant life!

I also have the great honor to work with my husband, Vinny, doing creative projects all over the world. We pursue, in the marketing world, collaborating to make customer and brand relationships be positive for both parties. We also love using dance, film, photography, shared writing, music, and more to connect with people and share stories, ideas, passions, and missions. Check out our website: https://www.vinnymwano.com/

To read more thoughts from me, please check out my blog!
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